Original Bricouxs of Mr & Mrs Jim & Jean Jones

of Fleet, Hampshire

The entire team was purchased by Paul Stowell in 1986 when the partnership retired from the sport.

original138‘The Original(138)’
The founder of the loft, bred and raced by Billy Wright of Fleet. Has bred many winners and is G.Sire and G.G. Sire of winners galore.
Winner of 6 – 1sts, flown Pau,Sire, G.Sire and G.G.Sire of winner and won Breeders Class at the Peoples Show.

Winner of 37th Sect & 90th Open N.F.C Pau, 1st Club & 1st Fed Bordeaux, 1st Club & 4th Fed Penzance, 1st Fed Seaton.
jimjonesbricoux-1 ‘Jeanie’s Boy’
Flown Pau three times, 546 mls, in race time winning 7th Sect, 49th Sect & 58th Open N.F.C. Also 1st Club & 57th Solent Fed (3580 birds) Rennes, 1st Club & 15th Solent Fed Rennes. 1st Fed St. Malo.
 misternorth‘Mister North’
2nd Fed Elgin 451 miles lost Federation on a decimal point.
1st Fed Thurso 517 miles only bird on day.
9th Fed Retford 140 miles. 9th Fed Selby 173 miles. 1st Club Thurso only bird on day 517 miles.
1st Club Retford 140 miles. 1st Club Elgin 451 miles only 4 birds in race time.
1st Club Selby 173 miles. 6th Club Retford 140 miles. 5th Club Retford 140 miles.
2nd Club Northallerton 212 miles. 6th Club Exmouth 121 miles. 4th Club Weymouth 84 miles.
4th Club Poitiers 328 miles. 9th Fed Retford 140 miles. 2nd Fed Northallerton 212 miles.
1st Club Weymouth 84 miles. 18th Fed Weymouth 84 miles.
Bordeax twice on the day 445 miles.
Pau National in race time 546 miles – National Flying Club.
British Barcelona Club – Palamos Spain 673 miles 38th Open 13th Section A.
British Barcelona Club – Palamos Spain 673 miles 73rd Open 39th Section A.
 In December, 1986 I purchased the entire loft of birds belonging to MR. & MRS. JIM JONES OF FLEET. These birds have won at all distances up to and including PALAMOS 673 MILES. MY OWN RESULTS PROVE THAT THESE BIRDS ARE WINNING AT ALL DISTANCES.
Birds for sale all directly related to pigeons that have won the following positions and many club and Federation wins. Reference bird “FLEET LADY” 1st Weymouth, 2nd & 3rd Dax 522 miles, a SPANISH DIPLOMA IN THE BRITISH BARCELONA CLUB FOR FOUR TIMES PALAMOS 673 MILES WINNING 157th, 44th, 120th and 180th OPEN, also 257th OPEN PERPIGNAN 618 MILES etc. Reference bird “SILVER WINGS” 5 TIMES PALAMOS etc.The BRICOUX’s are from Jim & Jean Jones of Fleet who had original Dr. Anderson . Their performances from PALAMOS 673 MILES are outstanding and are as follows:
Sect 2nd, 11th, 12th 13th, 13th, 25th, 29th, 30th, 39th, 40th, 41st, 44th, 50th, 52nd 58th, 61st, 61st, 76th, 79th, 81st, 83rd, 96th, 97th, 104th, 116th, 133rd, 134th, 163rd, 176th & 187th; Open 6th, 21st, 38th, 44th, 68th, 69th, 73rd, 74th, 100th, 105th, 111th,
112th, 115th, 120th, 133rd, 140th, 154th, 157th, 160th, 190th, 197th, 209th, 231st, 242nd, 244th, 252nd, 253rd, 341st, 358th & 367th. 257th OPEN PERPIGNAN 618 MILES.
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