Ko Nipius

“The Ko Nipius and Bricoux have performed with great distinction both in their pure form and as crosses. These birds are always kept in fabulous condition and are a family that will win at all levels of competition. If you want the best and want a family that can win sprint and distance then you are assured of getting them from this top winning loft” Jim Jones (Mr.& Mrs. Jones of Fleet)

konip1-magicmomentsMagic Moments, Ko Nipius, bred raced and owned by Paul Stowell, 2 x 1sts UBI Combine, 3 x 1sts Fed, 6 x 1sts Club, 7 x 2nds, beaten by loftmate four times – same pigeon. Now at stock, breeding winners. The sire and dam of Magic Moments have bred 35 x 1st prize winners, including 3 x 1sts Combine and 6 x 1sts Fed. Their children and grandchildren are now at stock, breeding winners.
“MAGIC MOMENTS” a brilliant KO NIPIUS hen Sire Direct KO NIPIUS
Dam Direct from BOB McDONALD of Fraserburgh, Scotland winning to date 2 x 1st UBI COMBINE, 3 x 1st FEDERATION, 6 x 1st Club, 7 x 2nds (beaten 4 times by loftmate “KEY HOLE KATE” ) 2 x 3rds, 2 x 4ths, 2 x 5ths.


‘The Magician’ who to date has bred 35 x 1st prize winners including 6 x 1sts Federation winners and 3 x 1sts UBI Combine winners, 28 of these with ‘Lady Magic’ Bob McDonald of Fraserburgh. One of this pairs children is “MAGIC MOMENTS” 11 x 1sts, 7 x 2nds, (beaten four times in one season by the same loft mate) 3 x 1sts Federations , 2 x 1sts UBI Combine’s now retired to stock and breeding winners.



konip3-emmalouiseEmma Louise, bred, raced and owned by Paul Stowell and is a great-granddaughter of Fleet Lady. 1st Section A. 1st Open BBC Bordeaux National, 438 miles, 1358 birds 1998: 3rd Section F, 51st Open NFC Pau National, 546 miles, 3817 birds. 1998; 34th Section F, 142nd Open NFC Saintes 1996: 1st Club Honiton 1998; 2nd Weymouth; 2nd Exeter; 7th Club Exeter, 26th Fed; 5th Club Honiton, 10th Fed.



konip4-LadyMagic konip5-cliddesdenluciano-sireofemmalouise konip6-cliddesdentulip-damofemmalouise
Lady Magic Cliddesden Luciano
Sire of Emma Louise
Cliddesden Tulip
Dam of Emma Louise

“Emma Louise” is a Bricoux x Ko Nipius which has previously won:-
1991 2nd Basingstoke & District Weymouth 72 miles velocity 1294ypm(Lt South-East)
2nd Basingstoke & District Exeter 116 miles velocity 1595ypm(South West)
1992 5th Basingstoke & District Honiton 202 birds, 10th Berkshire Federation 3013 birds
97 miles velocity 1622ypm(North- West)
7th Basingstoke & District Exeter, 26th Berkshire Federation 1784 birds 1233ypm
(East -North-East)
1994 6th Basingstoke & District Bergerac 437 miles , 628ypm (Only 2 on day 10 in race time)
1995 NFC PAU NATIONAL 546 Miles just out of race time)
1996 NFC prepared for Pau but the contingent of birds were brought back to Saintes 34th., Section F 288 Birds, 142nd., Open 4982 birds 1149ypm Saintes(1) 380 miles
1998 she was mainly kept Inland except for Sartilly early in the season when she was the third bird to the loft in a race which this loft won 1st., Basingstoke & District RPC, 1st., Berkshire Federation & 2nd UBI Combine.
“Emma Louise” 6th., June won the Clubs race from Honiton 97 miles.
Sunday the 28th., June after a one day holdover the birds were liberated at Pau at 05.45am on into a Light Northerly wind. The race turned out to be a hard race with only a small number on the day. Dark Blue Grizzle hen “Emma Louise” was clocked at 07.35am the day after liberation to win 3rd., Section F and 51 st., Open. Pau National 3817 birds.
1st., Section A 1st., Open BRITISH BARCELONA CLUB BORDEAUX NATIONAL 1998 438 miles
For “Emma Louise’s” performances from NFC Pau and BBC Bordeaux she won 2nd RP £10,000 Championship 1998 Long Distance Category.